Installing and setting up pycharm on windows

 Before we start the installation and setup process of pycharm we need to know at least what pycharm is.

                                        INTRODUCTION TO PYCHARM

Pycharm is a fully-featured IDE specially designed for python programming language based on the powerful Intelli J Java IDE from JetBrain. Pycharm leverages management of project environment (VENV), the python interactive console, jupyter notebook, and also a terminal emulator in order to make coding in python user-friendly. Any developer with experience in Visual studio from Microsoft or Eclipse will find it comfortable using pycharm. the main reason pycharm is very popular and very powerful is that the IDE was developed just for python programming language, instead of generalizing with a huge array of languages. A huge amount of developers and coders in python enjoy the ability to follow declaration of classes and methods as if they were links on a webpage, active code inspection, highlighting of issues such as unused import statements and unexpected arguments which just consumes space. This feature can be turned on/off from the settings search bar. The pycharm IDE has two versions/editions, the community version/edition which anyone can use free of charge and the professional version/edition which is gotten through a monthly or annual subscription. Hope you now understands what pycharm really is.

                                    INSTALLING PYCHARM ON WINDOWS

    Installing pycharm on windows is very easy and straight forward, just connect to a reliable internet connection like a wifi and power up your favorite browser and head to the download page here. on  getting to the website the website automatically detects your operating system and shows you the version suitable for your windows machine. on clicking the download button a download will be initiated. after the download has finished navigate to the executable file just downloaded and run it, the windows installer will pop up and guide you through out the installation process. And also remember to associate it with .py files to make it easy while coding.

                                     SETTING UP PYCHARM ON WINDOWS

    Setting up pycharm is also very easy, python may be installed before or after installation of pycharm, always make sure to install pycharm on a location easy to find; e.g C:/Python3.9. to start coding using pycharm it is very important to point pycharm to your python installation so it can locate the python interpreter. after pointing pycharm to your python installation path you can start installing plugins and extensions to start your journey in python programming. hope you can now install and setup pycharm on windows, if you have any question just ask in the comment section below.


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